Plan your work and work your plan

As I work planning my own future I find more and more it is built on the past.  I have always worked hard to play by the rules and yet push boundaries.  Sometimes those two do not mix very well.  I am sometimes impatient which can also be less than good.  However as I strive to do the work that is close to my heart I realize these are gifts that I can utilize for the good of others.  Pushing boundaries helps people to reach their full potential.  Colouring outside of the lines gives way to creative thinking and impatience often can spark people into changing what needs to be changed just simply to shut me up.

One of my favourite compliments that I receive so often is that I am a "breath of fresh air".  This is evident because I love live and all those who are with me in it.  As I begin this new adventure growing my new business LesMar Respite Elder Care and partner it with the deep passion I have for spiritual care, growth and end-of-life care I know this is what I am called to do.


Spring is a time of new growth..

It is with excitement I will return to Ontario this summer and begin my new business LesMar Respite Elder Care which will accent and bring to fulfillment the spiritual care I want to provide for people.  Spiritual care is not only found in church ... it is found in life!  My life over the past seven years has been coming to this day.  I have worked hard and have learned much about my own life and hope to help others learn about theirs!  It is with anticipation and excitement I ask you to consider how I can bring spiritual fulfillment to your life to to those aging adults in your world.
Grad Photo May 2014
I am choosing to blend spiritual care with my master's degree, the congregational experience I have gleaned, and the palliative end-of-life care I am so passionate about.  It is my mission that for each person as they age they will realize that on the last day of one's life here on this earth we need to say "I have lived to the fullest!"   I know I can say that. 

It has not been without its bumps and challenges that I got to this space but if I was to place an "X" on my life's timeline and it was tomorrow or 25 years from now, I feel fulfilled and I feel like I am continuously learning how to live life to the fullest.

How about you?  Where are the green shoots of life sprouting from?  When you touch your life is it life giving or does it drain you?  Find yourself and do so with purpose! 

I would be happy to share my story.  My life's journey to this point with anyone who asks.  You can contact me through the LesMar Website or my LesMar Facebook Page or through this blog. 

However I can help.  Just ask!


Spiritual journey and ponderings...

I have seen, what appears to be, the same woodpecker on my morning walks.  This bird is at the top of the hydro pole and alerts me to their presence by tap-tap-tapping on a metal plate.  I look up and watch.  Is this bird communicating wit me or am I simply stumbling upon this bird in its own world?  I don't know but it begs the question how many of us try to penetrate the impenetrable looking for food?  If I choose to believe the bird is saying good morning... then I am staying away from concluding that the bird has hard lessons to learn and is simply, like us humans, slow to learn them.

Sometimes we choose to believe things that we honestly cannot know as truth.  So we must go into our own heart and simply live the life we are born to live.  How many do that?  How many keep pecking at a metal plate hoping they will break through and find what feeds them?  I know I refuse to continue in that path.  It was told to me once that "God" sends me back to learn lessons over and over again until I get it.  As I have matured in my years and moved into a different spirit place I would say further that if there was a God that could "send": me anywhere why would he bother?  I think he would just sit back and have a good laugh at the bumper cars called humans.

I continue to find dark nights of my soul and as I do I hear the words of Thomas Moore in his book.  Page51, "Here is a key idea: stop thinking of your dark nights as problems and begin to see them as opportunities for change."  I love it.

As I prepare to leave Bella Coola and return to Ontario the first of July it will begin a new chapter in my life and for the first time in seven years I am no longer scared.  The dark nights are my friend .. are they yours?