This piece of art is the mindchild of my neice Shannon Breadner of British Columbia.  She is the oldest daughter of my late brother Brian who died at 56 of a sudden heart attack.  I loved my brother but I think he was blessed to die quickly and not suffer.  He also would have made one ornery old man in an old folks home.  I worked with the family and presented a celebration of life.  There were about 160 people there to honour and say goodbye to Brian.  It was heart warming and he was loved by so many.  He was not the type of person who was in church on Sunday.  Actually I think once he left home I am unsure if you would need two hands to count the times he was in a church, aside from weddings and funerals.   So as I celebrated his life I related him to God though the adult baptism of Jesus.  Jesus was baptized when he was about 30 and when John layed Jesus back into the Jordon the skies opened and there was a voices saying, "This is my son whom I love and am proud of."  Was it God?  I don't know, but I choose to think it was the spirit talking to the writer (Matthew) as he tells the story.   Jesus returned to life filled with the spirit after this experience only to be tempted over and over again.

It was his choice to remain faithful to the sacred.  He kept telling the tempter ... again and again how he would remain faithful to what he believed and so then the tempter backed away to await a more opportune time.  The temptations don't go away they simply fade sometimes until we get comfortable only to come at us yet another way.  

One of the temptations Brian struggled with was the desire to run away from life.  He was a truck driver and this was conducive to his need to be "on the road" and not have to face day to day decisions.  He was a ramlin' man and lived his life restless.  That is why this painting by his first born gives me hope that Shannon sees there is room for communal love between spirits.  This beautiful painting represents closeness and the need we have to be in communion with others.  Thank you Shannon!  You have had your own challenges but I know you will be fine.  As you are tempted to give up, throw in the towel, call it a day you can look at your own work and find hope. 

Today is Lent 1 a time of 40 days when we read that Jesus was tempted.  He didn't give in ... don't you give in either.  No matter what faces you down in life there is always hope and tomorrow the sun will rise once again and when you are in communion (connected) in spirit with hope, love, joy and peace the divine is with you guiding you along.  Place your trust here in this place.  Blessings!


Feeling the pulse...

As I ponder this beautiful picture it makes my heart soar.  I want to dance like this.  Yesterday with the younger generation I asked them to be seeds in the ground and grow as the sun warmed the ground.  At first I asked them to grow on one foot and pushed them over.  I wanted to point out we are better grounded on our two feet and it is our roots that keep us centred and anchored.  Mother Earth has a pulse from which we draw energy and life.  Most recently as temps have been up and down and it reminds me of a pulse.  Mother Earth is reminding us she is alive and taking good care of herself.  We, as humankind, should take notice.   Attention is focused inward and onto our technology forgetting the beauty around us. 

The frosted window gives way to a beautiful map reminding me that I can't look out but need to look at what Mother Nature creates.  Beautiful creations. I like being poked into awareness and creation does this daily.  Pokes me and reminds me to pay attention.

A wonderful woman I love died this week.  The end of January I had a wonderful visit with her and she was poking me reminding me to be present in the moment.  She will live on in the hearts of all. 

I am genuinely happy and I hope you are too.  I have work to do and will continue to search for work that feeds my passions.  I have learned to wait.  I have learned to ponder.  I have learned to watch.  Heading into the Lenten season (a church season) it is a time to evaluate the wilderness of our lives and see where we need to improve and purge.  As something in our life ends there are always new beginnings.