Writing a Journal

At the beginning of the new year I always pick up a journal and begin to write down my thoughts, only to have it wane over time.  Just like the good intentions of many people we all want to eat better, exercise more or quit smoking, but like many good people I do not sustain my good intentions.  In looking at this pattern, I am thinking this year I will setting aside 15 minutes every morning to simply reflect and read a daily motivation.  If I write, all the better, but I am not going to weigh it down by thinking writing or not writing denotes success or failure.

Often we set ourselves up with boundaries that are unrealistic.  Over the years I have been challenged to be open minded and listen to others.  I am better at it and shake my head at my past closed and opinionated self, but I forgive my own ignorance.  Being aware of this often requires a revisiting of my boundaries.  What will I live with?  What can I live without? Can I see the other person's thoughts?  Does it change my world view?  This is hard work and takes us on our spiritual journey.

In the past few years I have been faced with expanding my understanding of the divine.  There have been many days where I wonder, "is there such a thing?"  Who is "God"? What is "God"? Christian practices are about 2000 years old.  Coming from a certain time and a certain place following a certain man.  What does that mean?  After taking a journey at the Gaia Farmhouse December 20, 21 and 22 I was connected to the universe story and reminded ecologically where we all came from.  It is fascinating and sparked a desire to dig even deeper into my soul to find out what it is I believe.

I am on a journey and I invite you to walk with me.  Ask the hard questions but be ready for answers that may not fit with your world view.  That is where the hard work starts.  Are you willing to change your world view and let go of your childhood thinking?  Are you ready to grow?  I hope so because it is a wonderful journey!  I am off to shovel the love that mother earth has layed upon my car .... Happy New Year!