Hunter Alexander Aaron

Well how have you all been? I seem to have dropped the blogging ball of late because I was so preoccupied with life. Last week I took a course at Wycliffe College, University of Toronto. With the Anglican tradition in the forefront I basked in God's love taking a course called "Spiritual Formation". It was amazing and immersed me in my own spiritual thought. Much deep prayer and times of solitude and silence brought God even closer to my heart.

This week reminded me that in order to find and hear God we need to give God time in our lives to be present with us. It is now my daily practice to make and schedule time each and every day for prayer and meditation. This week reminded me how much it fulfills my life. This has been a sporadic practice in my past. I knew it was a great way to connect but it was this week that really brought it home and seeded it in my soul.

It was also this week that I was blessed with my first grandchild and my daughter her first nephew and, of course, my son his first off spring. It is in a grandchild that our own children cherish life and understand the gifts of God. I asked my son, as we looked into Hunter's sweet face, "Can you see the presence of God? You are looking into the face of God right here and right now." He hasn't found God's heart in his own yet, he knows God is present but still is working on giving over full presence. It will come as his child, with God at his side, faces him down. The mother of the child is reflective of Mary, young innocent and now so dedicated to her son. She is a natural born mother, showing her lioness tendencies when the nurses tried to take the baby to give momma time to rest. Her roar was heard all over the hospital, or at least she was sure growling when she talked to Hunter's dad. She was mad that they thought they had the right to take away her son.

This offers time for us to reflect on the path of Jesus and how the father's love and mother's heart in God was broken as Jesus was crucified that first Easter. God sent the son to die for our sins but watching it all happen must have been heartbreaking. It is with this in mind I remind each of us that we are children of God and as God watches us turn away from our creator we can hear the breaking of God's heart. Turn to your father, nurture your soul in your mother God and take the time each day to connect and prayerfully immerse yourself in God's love. Our umbilical cord is still attached no matter how old we get in this earthly life, in the end God will bring us home.

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