Modern faith ... is it possible to believe differently?

Most recently I attended a course called Jesus and Miracle at Emmanuel College. This is the United Church seminary and part of the University of Toronto. This course was so amazing and prepared me for the readings I have been doing for my second summer course Spiritual Formation. These courses along with my Sunday morning worship practice are making for some deep thought.

This week's lectionary included a reading from Colossians 3:1-11. As I was reading it I am taking into account what I learned in my course. What is the text saying to me? What is the literary context of this text? What is the author's theology? and Who is the intended audience? All deep and probing questions that make us stop and think about God.

Jesus and Miracle took us on a journey through the book of Mark where we looked closely at the miracles and the parables as Mark has arranged them. We could see literary intention in the writing and far more miracle than meets the eye. Jesus walks on water, calms a storm, exorcises demons and heals the sick and while he is performing these miracles those watching are transformed. They believed ... when you really look at Mark you see that those who do not get it are those closest to Jesus. Right from the first chapter the unclean spirit identifies Jesus for who he is, the holy one, and yet Jesus challenges the demon to keep quiet. Jesus was not unique in performing miracles in his day. There were many "men of deeds" or "miracle workers" and we have ancient texts to affirm this. But the writers of the gospels and the Apostle Paul could see that Jesus was not simply a man of deeds he was the Son of God. Special, unique and different. That lends to the miracles performed and is how we know Jesus today.

My son is alive after hitting a tree at 80 KM per hour on a dirt bike. He fractured his neck, broke his femur, broke his collar bone and bit through his tongue. It is a miracle. We see miracles every day but do not give credit where credit is due. My son was saved, and not just physically. Does he go to church? No, but his faith in a higher power, which was present with him that day, is very real to him and I know God had a hand in this accident and was watching over my son that day.

Dig deep into your faith and identify where you find God in your life and look to see how Jesus performs miracles right before your eyes. Blessings are all around us.


  1. Like this. Old saying says it's not miracles that bring faith but it takes faith to see miracles (or something like that).

  2. Thanks Jim. That is so true! Funny how it takes spiritual wisdom to see and you have wonderful spiritual wisdom. I am finding that true the more I study the more the miracles come to light for me.