God is in you...

Here, where I live in southwestern Ontario, it has been a very hot summer. The humidity has been intense and my little apartment has been warm. I have a window A/C unit that I have only had on a few times and usually to just take the edge off at the end of the afternoon. I try to be environmentally conscious. Another way I am conscious of our world is to limit my meat consumption. As a society we eat way too much meat. We need so little to meet our body's needs and we can fill that need with other proteins. Legumes and soy gives the farmers reason to grow crops instead of animals and it is better for the environment.

I love myself and do the best I can for my overall health. I do have one vice and try to limit myself, and that is red wine. Although red wine is good for you, it is not good for you in large quantities. So I always am challenging myself to put the cork back in the bottle after 5 - 7 oz.

Does this challenge my connection with God? If I do not always do the right thing does it separate me from God? Only if I let it. God loves us just as we are and is there for us no matter what. The grace God offers gives strength to fight our challenges each day. In order to be connected to God we need to be connected with self.

John Calvin's opening words in The Institutes of the Christian religion is "There is no deep knowing of God without a deep knowing of self and no deep knowing of self without a deep knowing of God." We are in God and God is in us. Find that acceptance of self to let God be in your deepest darkest places.

In the heat and in the cold of winter we are connected to God as long as we stay connected. Prayer and daily meditation allow for our fears to surface and that gives a chance to challenge those fears and give them to God. Blessings.

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