Is it magic?

In my philosophies and beliefs is a true understanding that when we choose to see there is a world that opens up to us, available to everyone, however we must choose to believe and see.  It is a magical place of energies and messages from those spirits who travel with us.  Spirits from our time on earth that have left this earthly realm and many others who are sent to us by the Uni-Verse (One-Song) to walk with us on our journey and make life beautiful.  As we mar our basic five earthly senses with poor diet choices, attitude and vices (eg alcohol, prescription drugs and street drugs) we place scales on our eyes and flaps over our ears.  Our senses are restricted to a dull roar of a world marred in challenge and crap. 

I choose to engage with all the energy I can going far beyond and afar. 

Last night I did not sleep as soundly as I might have.  I had written a submission for a book before going to bed so my soul was out and about revisiting all the past doings I have experienced.  I was restless and slumbering just below the surface and just above the REM sleep necessary for rest.  I awoke at 8:50 am which is late for me.  As I sat up, after stretching and thanking my body, I was putting my socks on from the side of my bed.  I did not have my glasses on and so when I saw the gold shiny object on the carpet about four feet in front of me, I was so thankful as I realized it was one of my precious earrings that I wear.  I immediately reached to touch my lobes and all four earrings were present and accounted for.   I put on my glasses and finished putting on my socks moving about looking directly at the shiny gold object and put on my house shoes.  With my glasses on I could see it even more clearly and it still resembled the gold hoop earring I wear only with small tines that looked crown like.  It was then that I rose and reached for it as I did it disappeared for a split second and I lost track of it.  I returned to the bed to see it again and there it was so I focused on the spot and reached again.  When I touched the carpet where it was sitting it was not there.

When I returned to the spot on the bed where I had saw it, it was gone.  I could no longer see it.  Where did it go?  Puzzling I sat quietly on the bed asking the question, where did it go?

The answer came very clearly to me and without hesitation.   In Irish song and voice I heard,

"Here is your pot of gold and your wealth you have been looking for.  You are valuable and rich beyond your wildest dreams and all you choose to accomplish will come to you.  Worry not about the finances of anything as you will find as you travel exactly the gold you need to make your journey work.  Worry not about anything ... simply live and trust and all will be well."

I have a sense of peace about me this morning... It is all well in my world and I am as rich as I need to be in order go forth and do what it is I am called to do.  I have the riches inside of me because as I sat there the voice concluded with,

"You reached the pot of gold and absorbed it into your being... it is not tangible in the material world it is a wealth of the heart and you now reached for it, trusted and accepted.  Go my daughter of Irish roots ... believe in the green."

Thanks be to Celtic wisdom and love .... Thanks be to God!


Good Grief! What is it? How can grief be good?

It can be good.  Grieving is one of life's challenges that can be embraced because through grief we grow.  Life is hard.  Losses are part of it.  Every person has losses of one kind or another.

Right now I am grieving the death of a friend.  I am so sad.  She was 79 years old, full of life, until she wasn't because her heart simply stopped.  No one could do anything.  She called 911 herself, I am told.  Walked out to the ambulance I am told, and then she went to the hospital, and died.  I am so sad.  So how can grief be good?

I am not saying grief "feels" good, I am saying grief can be good.  It is a symbol of love, of passion and of life's engagement.  Should you never witness grief then I dare to say you are not living.  Grief is a symbol of loss in life.  The challenge is how you handle it, how you cope, and what tools you have to work through it.  That is where I can help.

My passion for grief has been long standing.  I presided as witness and clergy to family funerals.  I delivered the eulogy at my father's funeral in 2005.  I then was given the gift of doing it again at our mother's funeral and I presided and facilitated the funeral of my brother who died, at 56, in 2011.  It was through these moments I realized I have a gift for understanding and grieving death for many.  I have the tools and I have love so great my arms can wrap around the world.

Death is part of living.  Benjamin Franklin said there were only two things certain in life:  death and taxes.  Many have gone further to say, 'too bad they don't come in that order'.  When we befriend death and welcome it into our lives before we must deal with it, dealing with it is so much easier.  Grieving allows us to look death in the eye and say, "you will not defeat me."  In the Christian faith, the death of Jesus is the climax of his life, only to be the beginning of his work in his death.  Through the resurrection story we can claim rebirth and life after death in so many ways. 

This is the challenge I am choosing to take on.  Teaching and coaching people to have a better relationship with dying.  Not only physical human death, that is one form, but also death of a job, death of a relationship, death of a home, and so on, and so on.   Ask questions and I will answer. Come to the corner of hope and cope and I will be there to walk with you!



I am on my way....

As I begin 2019, I have made a decision it is a pivotal year. #breakingstibah is coming into focus and culminating all I have done over the past 15 years toward focusing on what I have to offer the world and pulling together years of experience and wisdom. Just Sunday past, January 6, I celebrated and honoured 40 years of marriage. I am not married to him, and haven't been for years, however I celebrated because it is part of my history that at 18 years old I made decisions not because I wanted necessarily to be married, but I made the decision based on culture, acceptance and road of least resistance and now can see that clearly. I text him and he responded and we fondly and lovingly have dinner together when he is available knowing life is what it is and we honour each others journey.

These pictures remind me I have lots to do. Paths to adventure on and roads to travel.

Turning 60 this year I am beginning once again on a quest to deepen my relationship with myself and building programs that will help others do the same. #breakingstibah is about the perceived grief, loss and sadness in our lives and the turning around and honouring of these three states of being in our lives.

"You cannot suffer the past or the future because they do not exist. What you are suffering is your memory and your imagination. Let me help you relieve both." I do not know who said it. I know I love its truth and wisdom!