... the second coming

In moving forward academically and in the denomination of my choice, Presbyterianism, there are many levels of discernment that are required. I find all are challenging to my spiritual journey and cause me to really reach deep into my heart, communicate with God and sometimes pull up the proverbial boot straps of my faith. I must reconcile myself with the doctrines of PCC all while maintaining the integrity of my own faith. With this in mind, I find myself reviewing the ordination vows of ministers of word and sacrament in preparation of Guidance Conference. I am required, as a minister of Word and Sacrament, to pledge allegiance with The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

One clear point in the doctrine is the statement "until he comes again". How does this resonate as a faithful believer but moreso as a pledge of faith?

Part of my role as a clergy or minister of word and sacrament is to support and provide pastoral care. I have no issue with a heartfelt belief that Jesus will come again, to reconcile or to take up souls, my concern is when they "require" this belief for ordination and asks us to pledge it as so. I get further and further removed from process and closer and closer to God as I ponder the doctrines of denominational belief. As I journey, I have no issue with God it is in satisfying the human process where their is a need for those in charge to be okay with what I believe in order for me to be present with others in the overall journey of spirit that causes me to wrestle.

Everything can be supported by scripture when we cherry pick verses and seek to find particular evidence. However, I ask this question, if we cherry pick to support what we believe we are not listening to the truth of God. The scriptures are guidelines and certainly a lifeline to the times when Jesus was here and gave three years of his life to his ministry. I have reconciled myself to the theology around Jesus being "God Incarnate", believe it so and am faithful to this theology.

I have given myself to God and will simply take each day as it comes. Carefully listen and respond with integrity and honesty the best I can when these issues come to light. I walk in faith with my fellow Christians at my church and we are spiritually enriched with each other's beliefs and spiritual needs. Yesterday four of us went to a retirement home, where I conducted a service for about 20 seniors. All of different levels of function. There is a couple there from our church and they are so happy when we come. I have gone now three times and have never had to go alone. Each time some people come with me to support the couple and have a visit. Yesterday the man told me he loves me more and more every time I come.

That is the love of God and has nothing to do with the second coming.
That is the presence of the Holy Spirit among us and it speaks volumes to living for today not for what the scriptures predict or propose.
That is the work of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who set the stage for each of us to be good Christians and love our God with all our heart and love our neighbour as ourselves.
That is the love of God and has nothing to do with the second coming.

I do not deny scripture and there is always a Bible close at hand. My God speaks to me through all of scripture and asks me to bring my brain with me when I read. My God asks me to share this love with everyone I see. My God asks for love and in return I am fulfilled and refreshed. It just "bubbles out of her" was what was said yesterday; that is the effervescence of spirit and faith.


  1. I appreciate this. My own conviction is that the 'second' coming is the main event. I think it's unfortunate that it gets treated as if it's a forthcoming sequel. Tend to think of it more as the feature, and the 'first coming' was the preview, as powerful as it was. How amazing will be what is to come?

  2. I think as we journey we learn to first separate and then recombine God with religion. The organized religion is for the humans. God doesn't need religion. Jesus kind of railed against religions. But in our society, people have a hard time accepting your bubbling faith sometimes, unless you can name it, and reference the web site.