Are we prepared?

I was searching for a motto this week because I remembered that the Boy Scout motto is "Be Prepared" so I went looking to find the history of it. Luke 12:32-40 talks about being prepared for the second coming of Jesus. How does this scripture work today, 2000 years later, when Jesus has not yet returned? Do we still believe, in the second coming, like the first century Christians? As Christians we follow the scripture but with every read it takes on new meaning, hence showing us it is a living word. Like a river roaring down the mountain encountering a boulder, the words of scripture can change direction by simply revisiting the text.

As I head into the pulpit this morning and deliver a message on being prepared, today, in this fast moving society, with all its faults, I will get back to you after it is over and see how I did. Am I prepared? I guess only God knows because I trust totally in God to give me the words to share with my congregation.

God bless you all on this Sunday morning! Go get ready for service! :-)

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