Breaking Stibah ....

So here we are, you and I, talking about breaking stibah.  Sounds like a term that would be attached to a foreign language, a religious ritual or maybe messing with rules and regulations.  Honestly, it is all of that wrapped up into a lifetime of learning.  It's something to be discussed over a cup of tea.

What is breaking stibah?

It is a pattern interrupt.
It is a change of direction.
It is process.
It is "the way" you will travel.
It is learning.
It is hope.

I am Cynthia Breadner and in 2019 I will celebrate my 60th birthday.  This may not be significant to anyone but me, however, I have witnessed 60 years on this planet and every one of the last 39 years has been filled with learnings and life's lessons.  Not one of the last 40 years have I not wondered,  "why I am here on this earth".  Not one of the last 61 have I not known there is a purpose to my existence of which I now better understand.

More recently, over the last 10 - 15 years, I have been engaged in a spiritual journey to find the answers.  I found the answer.  The answer I found is there are no answers.  What I found is more questions and how we ask and live those questions propel us forward and how we grow.  This is what breaking stibah is all about.  Breaking stibah is about breaking through, breaking routine, breaking historical learning and breaking out of your shell.

The word "stibah" was inspired through my reading of the Harry Potter books this past year.  I had pledged to read 12 books cover to cover in 2018 and, with my daughter's probing, I decided to read the seven HP books.  I am currently reading #6 The Half Blood Prince ... I have completed more than my 12 promised books, some were audio as I was reading the Harry Potter series.  In the first book there was the mirror of erised .... from the book comes this,  "Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi"   At this point I am not going to go into what it all means.  If you figure it out maybe it will interest you enough to find out  more about my programs, teaching and leading.  If you cannot see it, then come to my introductory program and you will learn what it is all about.

Walk with me,
Talk with me,
Share the journey with me.
Are you brave enough?
What if I show you everything you need to know?

Contact me today I have the kettle on!

Cynthia Breadner M.Div., BA Hons., 
Hypnotherapist, Grief Counselor, Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach,
Group Fitness Certified, Personal Trainer. 

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