Change is hard however always possible!

 ... as the year comes to a close and 2019 is just days away the excitement builds. I love the changing of the year as it refreshes me and reminds me that I can always start over. I can always change my ways. I can always do something again.
I cannot forget or sweep under the carpet the past however what I can to is learn from it and remember how it is important to honour my choices and honour how I handled a situation when I was less observant.
Mindfulness is key to life's journey. Practice of mindfulness makes for an easier life. Most recently I walked into the corner of the glass table top. I now have a bruise. I laughed as I did it because I have not done that for a very long time. In the past, I did it all the time. Ran into things, bumped into stuff, ran headlong into other staff in my past workplaces, nudged up against bad decisions and was always late.
No more. I have changed and I chose to change. I took life by the horns and wrestled it back around to face me. Like riding on the back of a runaway horse I was the passenger in my own life. The hitchhiker that had been picked up by a runaway train, living in the car of blame, victimhood and complicity. Every way I looked at it I was attached to this whirling dervish of energy I called my life.
No more. It has taken a long time to change, mold and break the routines of my own destruction. Nothing happens overnight. I have lots of work to do yet.
How about you? Have you looked into the mirror lately? Have you held up a looking glass to your life so you can see what you need to change?
Be your own best friend and change your thoughts and your life!

(picture is from 2012, a trip that changed my life)

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