Fall Programming

2018 Fall ... where did this year go?  I can't believe it!

Now the fall is here I will be launching new programming to add to the momondays Barrie work I am doing.  It is so much fun to build a stage event featuring storytelling and have it be enjoyed by so many people.  Please be sure to visit the link and if you are in the area come to an event.

The work I will be launching this fall is deep in alignment with the practices I have been studying for the past many years.  With going back to school in 2007 as a mature student and learning so much about personal journeying and spiritual care I find I am now able to share that with others.  As humankind we struggle with grief, loss and challenges in everyday life and often do not take the time to recognize or deal with the fallout.  This is baggage that is carried forward into the rest of our life!

Fruitful living comes from mindfulness and from caring about ourselves deeply enough to pay attention.  It is seen by cultural society to pay attention to oneself or to be "selfish" is a sin!  It is not!  To care for self is the ultimate in caring for others.  How many times have you been in an aircraft and had the teaching say, "Put your own oxygen mask on first before you help those around you."  This directive is because unless you are safe and have oxygen you are of no use to anyone else.

Caring for self by exploring the four quadrants of health is a deep and circular exploration.  It is not done quickly, nor is it a one stop shop of learning.  As a person uncovers trauma and peel back the emotional scarring they learn so much more about themselves.  This is an ongoing practice.

I have been there and done this many times over and now am in a safe and rewarding place where I can help others begin their exploratory journey into the body, mind and soul. 

When you are inspired to change and make a difference in your life you can only become better.  Better for you and for your family and friends.  Come with me and join one of my workshop series that is happening in your area.  If you wish to have me facilitate the four quadrant workshop in your town, please contact me at 647 234 9351 or Cynthia.Breadner at gmail dot com.

I would love to hear from you!

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