2019 .... it's almost here! What are your plans?

God Is Consciousness! Even more than that God is also the unconsciousness of human existence... it is that which it means to exist.
Quote by Matthew Fox "Our capacity to think, reflect, ask questions, become aware and more aware, expand awareness, all this is consciousness. Is all this God? Is God our awareness--including our awareness and experience of God? Psychologist R. D. Laing thought this; he felt that 'God is our experience of God.' Deepak Chopra says: 'God is pure consciousness, the source of all thoughts, feelings, and sensations.'"
#breakingstibah is coming to the realization of this quote. Being conscious of your own world and where it is you live.
Two fish are swimming and one says, "how's the water?"** The other says, "what water?" "Follow me!" says the first. They swim hard straight up and burst forth into the air above. While up there the first fish says ... "see, there, that's water!" and then they plunge back down. Often we cannot see or be aware of the "water".
So #breakingstibah asks "how's the water?" Do you know? Are you aware? Come walk with me, talk with me and grow!
2019 is almost here. What goals are you setting for personal growth? What challenges are you laying out for change? #breakingstibah ... a plan, a course, a path.
**Analogy: Eddie O'Connor Ph.D. The Psychology of Performance.

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