There are no mistakes in my life...

How do you cope when things seem to go wrong?  How do you look at these seemingly catastrophic times?  Death, job loss, relationship breakdown, children on wrong path, money issues, etc., etc.  Have you ever thought that there are no mistakes in your life?
This concept comes easier as the years move along.  Young people come out of distinctive learning and teaching from well meaning adults in their life.  So as life then deals hard times the "go-to" ways of coping do not always work.  Life's lessons are hard.  I know because I have learned the hard way too.  However this being said I honestly realize there are no mistakes in life.  The mistakes are when I doubt myself, put myself down, question my own judgement or simply do not trust in my own ability.  When I let life come to me and open my heart and my eyes I see with such clarity.  That being said having clarity and seeing clearly is not always easy; culture and society do not want you to see clearly.  
So start at the beginning.  Open your eyes ... listen and witness spiritual wellness.  How do you do that?  By coming to "Spirit Care 101" classes starting soon in your town.  Watch for locations near you or if you want to host an event feel free to contact me. 
I am willing to travel to you ... because when invited I know I am to go ... take a bird's eye view of your cracks and crevasse ... look at your peaks and valleys.  

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