Crisp Winter Day

Winter  has alluded the area I live in until the past few days when the wind and snow reminded me what winter can be like.  However, today the brilliant sunshine awakened me as it popped over the horizon reminding me the sun does come out after a storm.  This is such a simple analogy and one that is used so often it seems over done.  Days like today though I need the reminder as I witness storms in my own life.  It appears I am always changing and breaking new ground.

As I age and allow myself to open up I realize that as children we are sponges that soak up everything, good and bad and the ugly. Now I am a discerning adult I have the choice to let the bad and the ugly go and drop them into the depths of darkness and leave behind the bright light of love and free choice. When I take time to meditate and listen deeply to the spirit within, via the unconscious mind, I hear the messages from the divine source within. The higher self is the purpose of my life and as it speaks to the depths of me it is only through setting aside the 2% of my consciousness that I am able to hear that which is good and healthy.
I do this through meditative times, reading good work, staying away from the news, letting go those in my life that do not serve this higher calling and by aging with grace and understanding that we are not meant to remain young and vulnerable. We as the human spirit are meant to be ageless and free.
My journey has not been smooth. Quite rocky at times and those who have traveled it personally with me know I am always climbing on the next horse that wants to buck me off... is this good? I believe it has been the ride I needed to take in order to get where I am.
Nothing is a mistake. There are no mistakes in my life. Divine wisdom and depth of understanding come at a cost of listening. Sometimes I wouldn't listen ... and learned lessons the hardest way. Today I begin listening deeper once again, peeling back yet another layer of conscious candy coating placed there by the should's and need to's of society and culture.
Today may you be different, walk your own walk and listen deeply to that which is the authentic you .... Come along with me as we journey into the dawn of the new day. It is time...

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