Who am I?

As I migrate to Owen Sound over the next few months and begin to work with aging adults I am looking for new clients in the Owen Sound, Meaford, Chesley, Bruce County area. Being trained to care for aging adults in many ways I have skills, education and knowledge that lends itself to in home care for any aging adult.
I hold a Masters of Divinity which is education in spiritual and soul care, providing help with those who are looking to ask the deep pondering questions.  Pastoral care is very important to me as I sit at a bedside and help anyone deal with life's challenges emotionally and spiritually.
I hold a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Religious Study.  With this degree through Laurentian University I was surprised at how little "religion" we studied and how excited I was to learn about alternative care practices.  These practices generated a rounded approach to optimal aging through self care which compliments the medical care received when feeling unwell.  This education helps me work with a person before they become "dis"eased and sick.
I hold a Certificate in Gerontology.  While pursuing the BA I studied in depth about optimal aging including social aging and the problems the older adult faces in society.  I learned about home care and aging in place to keep older adults in their home longer and with family support saving thousands of dollars in formal caregiving.  I also studied and welcome hospice care.  Being with a person at end of life is a gift.  It is a pleasure to share this time both with the dying and with the family.
I hold three designations with canfitpro.  All certificates granted because I have done study and practical exams in order to learn about fitness and healthy eating.  First I hold FIS, Fitness Instructor Specialist, which allows me to lead group fitness classes.  Secondly, I hold PTS, Personal Trainer Specialist, which allows me to lead one on one instruction and help a person accomplish their goals.  Lastly, I hold a HWL, Healthy Eating and Weight Loss specialist, which allows me to work with people who want to eat healthier and lose body fat.  All three work hand in hand together making me a well rounded professional.
I have worked in the spiritual care industry as well has hands on care as the manager of an eight person hostel.  Cooking, cleaning, supervising and companionship were all part of the job.
I truly want to work with you to make your life easier and to aid in helping you or a member of your family.
Call me for a conversation.  My rates are very reasonable and I have a plethora of references ... Let me help!


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