Clearing the clutter, emptying the cup!

This week I dumped my cup because it was full to overflowing with crap. With depression, doubt and deep deep worry. I dumped it. I dumped it by sharing with a trusted mentor and teacher where I was in my life and asked for help. She helped me by mirroring and using her gifts and training. I feel refreshed and ready to fill the cup once again with beauty.
Allowing our cup to overflow and pay no attention, never to be emptied, is a serious matter. Take the time to assess what is in your cup and make the choice to let it go, dump it all down the drain or in the garden. Open up space in your cup for fresh and new and begin again. Wash it with the soap of the divine love, clear it out and then watch it bloom. The woman went to the well with an empty vessel and she found living water!
When we trust beyond that which most humans allow or can trust it is amazing how the great intelligence and the energy of that which created this whole universe (uni-verse = one song), that which is nothingness, big bang that is constantly expanding and moves on the continuum of motion is in the most minute, divine.
"My life unfolds in divine order!" Depak Chopra

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