Falling into Fall ... planting seeds and evolving through the darkness

As the sun streams in the window this morning I watch the weather report and it looks like I can be excited about a fabulous fall weekend.  Cold and crisp and yet sunny!  What more could I ask for?  Well I could ask for more human interaction.  I love the fall and spend time walking in the fallen leaves.  I smell the fresh cool air and know winter is not far away.  I watch as the evenings are dark earlier and soon with the time change it will be dark by 6 pm here in Ontario, making the night's darkness quite long.
fall chairs
How do you fare in the long dark winter hours?  I have lived in this darkness spiritually knowing the sun will come out again but fighting to cope in the meantime.  I work hard at combating the genetic melancholy that seems to plaque me.  It is in the knowing that I can fight and work toward finding something positive in my life.  October 20 I will begin a book study, as the facilitator, with a group in Orillia.  This small group is keen to study Barbara Brown Taylor's Learning to Walk in the Dark where we will investigate how the mystery and the divine can show up in the darkness.  As Christians often God is most present in the darkness but the dogma and doctrine tells us to run from the darkness and only seek the light. However, all faith traditions or those with no particular faith tradition seek to find colour in their soul.  Come sit in a chair and explore the fall colours as you head into winter toward solstice and Mother Earth's turning point Dec 21.
Exploring the dark, both spiritually and emotionally, is the only way to find our way in life.  I can help because I am no longer afraid to go there myself.  I have explored a lot of my own darkness and have realized by tethering myself to another who is not afraid to walk with me I can shed light on these dark recesses of my own heart.   Come and explore with me.  Find yourself fully and end the life you lead where you skim along the surface fearing what is swimming below.
Come on a journey with me, I can help, I can walk with you, I can guide you and you will be amazed as the wonder and depth of your own heart shows its own fall colours.   Come out of your cocoon, spread your wings and make a difference in your world even if it is as subtle as the pass of a butterfly's wings.


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