An after-thought to my early morning pondering ....

I am revisiting one of my favourite CBC productions from 1986 the year my daughter was born.  "Anne of Green Gables" is a multi-part mini-series of which I had borrowed from the library and taped on VHS until I finally purchased the five-disk collection a few years ago.  I watch it regularly to remind me of all of life's lessons and how innocent we are as children.  In the few first hours Anne is at Green Gables Marilla asks if she said her prayers.  She says "I never say any.  Mrs. Hammond told me God made my hair red on purpose and I haven't cared for him since!"  Could we all be so honest as this young red-headed orphaned girl who life has bounced around and around?  Could we cry so deeply when a bitter old gossip says our hair is "red as carrots" and stand our own personal ground as Anne does defying the famous apology?  

It is when the gentle butterfly like love of Matthew touching Anne's very soul that she realizes the balance of give and take.  This touching story should be watched over and over again to get the full breadth and width of the lessons we could learn.  Look to the cosmos for all there is to see!

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