Bradford, new home base!

I have returned to Ontario and have been here for a month now.  I feel at home again and I am enjoying my friends and family.  As I begin to explore and grow the services I can and will offer it is with fear and challenge.  Gaining respect and trust with aging adults is hard work and it takes time for seeds to grow and produce results.  I am thankful for those folks who are promoting me and sharing my services with others.  I have placed an ad in the local paper and will be doing an elder fair this week.  It is a good way to expand and explore many people at once.  I love the aging adults and their stories!  It provides me with wisdom and hope as age  myself.
Yesterday I was in Orillia with a church congregation providing supply.  Such a wonderful group of people who are desiring to learn more about themselves and the divine mystery once called "God".  For many they struggle with calling this wonderful energy and passionate call "God" because that name comes with much history and baggage.  So what does it mean to leave the name behind but embrace what it represents in a new and exciting way.  It opens the heart and the soul!
I also have been exploring the world of Mary Kay Cosmetics because I believe when we look good, we feel good and if I can bring some fun into women's lives I will.  I find I can do that through a Mary Kay facial and some one on one time with any woman.  I am going to offer workshops in Orillia at St. Paul's United Church where 10+ people and I will explore the spirit and recognize what it looks like for each individual.   The people who signed up are eager to learn more about themselves.  This is key in today's world where we are bombarded with stress and life's challenges.  Coping daily can be difficult if you do  not have the tools you need to help with stress.  Come and see what you can learn about yourself.
Call me or email if you have questions about my workshops or if you would like a visit.  I can help if you are willing to be honest with yourself and with your divine energy.
I will be in the St. Thomas area September 14th weekend speaking at the Rodney Fair and hosting a Mary Kay table at the fair.  Come and visit me if you are in that area!

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