Seven Steps to Change


This hashtag is the beginning to finally sharing my passion and the work I have longed to do for many years.  Spending the past 15 years wondering when I will be "qualified" and continuing to educate and explore I have finally arrived where I need to be.  Where is that you ask?  Here, today and in the moment.

In 2005 my dad died.  That year I felt a tug at my heart and a voice calling to me in the wilderness to share my heart.  I wrote and delivered the eulogy at my father's funeral and it was the beginning of a journey. For the past 15 years I have been absorbing and searching for any and all teachings about emotional health, grief, loss, bereavement, personal growth and change.  This search has revealed my first and most important change agent is myself.

As I have blossomed and now see the world through new eyes revealing much of what is dear to me and it has been there all the time, I was just steeped and buried in my own suffering.  Suffering as defined by this quote, "You cannot suffer the past or the future because they do not exist.  What you are suffering is your memory and your imagination" and this is the foundation of my work.

I have learn to be present to myself ...  Watch for the seven steps as I build them into words and practical application and post them for sharing.

Many people have said to me "start your own church" when my journey was so dark ... That is not a focus what I want to build is a bridge ... for others to walk across and span the chasm of suffering so it can be viewed and understood for its beauty. 

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