I am on my way....

As I begin 2019, I have made a decision it is a pivotal year. #breakingstibah is coming into focus and culminating all I have done over the past 15 years toward focusing on what I have to offer the world and pulling together years of experience and wisdom. Just Sunday past, January 6, I celebrated and honoured 40 years of marriage. I am not married to him, and haven't been for years, however I celebrated because it is part of my history that at 18 years old I made decisions not because I wanted necessarily to be married, but I made the decision based on culture, acceptance and road of least resistance and now can see that clearly. I text him and he responded and we fondly and lovingly have dinner together when he is available knowing life is what it is and we honour each others journey.

These pictures remind me I have lots to do. Paths to adventure on and roads to travel.

Turning 60 this year I am beginning once again on a quest to deepen my relationship with myself and building programs that will help others do the same. #breakingstibah is about the perceived grief, loss and sadness in our lives and the turning around and honouring of these three states of being in our lives.

"You cannot suffer the past or the future because they do not exist. What you are suffering is your memory and your imagination. Let me help you relieve both." I do not know who said it. I know I love its truth and wisdom!

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