the flow of currency

I saw a woman begging on the median just off Yonge street in Newmarket yesterday. My conscious thought is always I am going to hand her some money. Yesterday, being no different, I thought that and reached for my purse remembering all I had was a $20 bill.

I brought my hand back and passed her by and sat at the light. Then I realized this wasn't a moment for her it was a moment for me and I gave her the $20 bill. As she folded it into her hand and bowed to me I realized she did not look at it, nor did I get the recognition for a $20 that my ego needed ... it gave my deeper self the opportunity to shine and bring forth the realization that it was about me letting go of a $20 bill KNOWING there are many $20 bills coming my way at all times. Maybe not in the form of a $20 but in the abundance of enough.

I always have enough and when I allow all currencies to flow, money, spirit, emotion and physical energies ... they all come back to me more abundantly than I can give them away. The sun always finds it way to shine through and is always abundantly fruitful.

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