Like the stars in the sky
there is a plethora of ideas of how to be of help.
Like the stars in the sky
every person is unique and stands alone, looking so close together
yet in reality so far apart.
Like molecules in the body
ever person is dependent on the other to survive.
Like molecules in the body
rejuvenation is possible.
Like thoughts on the mind
people pass like ships in the night.
Like thoughts on the mind
direction is possible.

"mental dis-ease"~ a state of mind or cognitive awareness where it is difficult and takes effort to see hope or light in one's life.  An ongoing presence of bleakness and apathy that impairs the activities of daily living.

Mental health awareness is everywhere.  On tv, on social media, used as a marketing tool (Bell's Let's Talk day) and sprouting up talk lines with a voice at the other end.  But then what?  How can we discern between the levels of severity and ease the burden on our medical system to provide chemicals and prescriptions to heal? How can we as, human vessels of love, be the "pill" needed to bring a person back to homeostasis?

As a person who suffers from depression and waves of apathy, that exponentially compounds various times of the year, I decided to seek out help as I realized,  when bombarded with the awareness marketing strategy, that society is attempting to catch up to the fact that mental stress and mental dis-ease of the thinking and cognitive ability is real and plaguing our culture.  I began a search.  It started with calling the hotlines and getting an appointment with my medical doctor.  It continued with joining social media groups who seem to have a theme of supporting those suffering.  I turned to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) who, while they are invaluable to those struggling with alcohol addiction, are not conducive to mental health issues and I called the local 211 number only to be told, "I'm sorry, no there is just not the support available."  So what does this mean?

It means the common gatherings of people must begin to support mental health in a proactive way not fearing they are "under-qualified" to manage these kinds of groups.  Spirituality is one of the domains and realms of a complete and healthy lifestyle and can support those in need of mental health support.  Matthew Fox says, "Spirituality is our everyday experiences of depth and deeper meaning and the connection they carry.  Spirituality is present whenever we undergo or observe deeply."  I am now growing into a place where I can and am able to support and help others.  Like the wonderful AA group that self supports and self articulates through those who have suffered, suffers and struggles every day, mental health support can be provided by those who have learned to cope, who fall less often into the pitfalls of this mental dis-ease.  Through community and gathering in the same place in the flesh, people can offer what is lacking in our culture today.  Hand to hand contact, laughter, fun and support.  As little as 50 years ago the church/religious gathering places were filled with people who had a common faith.  As the worldview of common faith in a divine being has been changing the communities have been declining and falling into disarray and disrepair, with faith communities seeing closure to the extent of one congregation a week.

"In order to rise, From its own ashes, A phoenix, First, Must, Burn.” 
― Octavia E. ButlerParable of the Talents

Rising from the ashes of traditional doctrine is coming the new age of community and gathering.  People are seeking and gathering in ways human kind has not seen in a very long time.  Tribal hunger and pining for community are surfacing and with the erosion of human gathering by social media and isolated friendship seeking are balancing themselves.  Computers and internet are here to stay, however this does not need to undermine the need for spiritual community and one to one gathering.

Come on a journey and remove the obstacles, come for some play time for the adult mind and spirit.  This community gathering will take place beginning January 5, 2018 at West Hill United Church and will focus on Matthew Fox's definition of spirituality by gleefully playing with the psyche and teaching everyone how to be together in adult play.  As a beginning, it will continue for six weeks to seed and bond spirit.  Continuing is evident!  As children, we are told to "grow up", "stop our nonsense" and "be reasonable" ... the creative side of our human condition is stifled.  Come let it breathe!  Come up out of the depths and shake off the doldrums.  Join me and make MeH2018 your movement to a better life.

The evenings are free to attend with an opportunity to offer a free will investment toward supplies and space if desired.  Come, climb up and reach for the sky!  Let's do this!

Find your light in the darkness!

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