Pondering a heavy load ..

Recently I was travelling along the highway and I was not late however I did not have oodles of time either.  This being said I was cruising along at the speed limit listening to my iTunes and thinking a lot about the changes I have been making in my life.  Doing this can slow me down as I tend to ponder under the speed limit verses losing sight of my driving and pushing the pedal to the medal.

I was following a school bus, carefully I might add, respecting the flashing lights and watching the kids get on the bus heading to school.  The bus stopped at a driveway and two young people sauntered out the driveway at their own pace, snailing their way across the road and entered the bus.  Off went the lights and the bus moved on.  It moved about two bus lengths and stopped again where an energetic young woman bounded up the drive and across the road and disappeared into the yellow cave.  I noted the time and thought to myself, 'if this keeps up, I will be late for work.'  The flashing red safety lights went out and I contemplated passing until I realized not far ahead was a stop sign so chose to wait.  The bus started up and lo' and behold went two or three more bus lengths and stopped again.  This time another young person moved their way from the drive, across the road and into the bus.  It occurred to me these three stops, could be amalgamated into one stop, if anyone took the initiative to suggest either to the driver, the company organizing the pickups or the parents of these young people to do so.  I was perplexed at this delay of my time, knowing there was a lesson in there somewhere for ME and no one else.  The bus signal indicated a turn at the stop sign and I was pleased as I needed to get on my way.

Just as I arrived at the stop sign myself, after the bus had turned, coming from my left was a dump truck.  Annoyingly, it turned left and headed down the road I was destined to take.

Heavy sigh ... darn!  Lost the bus and gained the truck.  I crossed the road and proceeded to follow the truck.  I watched in amazement as it gained speed and immediately took off ahead of me leaving me in its dust.  I was surprised at the ability of this large truck to pick up speed so quickly and how it managed to be totally out of my way in no time flat.  Hmph ... I thought, what's up with that?  Again pondering the bus and then the truck I knew there was a lesson in there somewhere.

The lesson I realized was in the fact that the truck had an empty bed.  There was nothing in the back of the truck to weigh it down.  The load had been dropped off and there was no thing to weigh it down.  It was free to pick up speed and carry on its way.  I wondered to myself ... "what is in my bucket that is weighing me down?"  ... "Is the load I am carrying so heavy I hold up traffic that may be following me or am I light and burden free enabling me to quickly pick up speed after any given braking?"  The bus was loaded with many stops along its journey and the truck, the one meant to carry a load was free and unencumbered.  Interesting.

I love watching my day to find lessons and spend time assessing my life's journey.  Where can I improve and what can I do to make my own journey easier?  Where do I need to drop a load of crap off at the local toxic waste centre? Where can I amalgamate the stops in my life to make the journey easier and more efficient?  Do I listen if others have suggestions that can lighten my load or spearhead something I am trying to do?

Where can you lighten your load or streamline your life?  It is something I do every day ... think about it .... do you?  Hoo are you kidding ... it is something we can all do~

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