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Greetings everyone who takes even a moment to read the words I put down in my blog and on my FaceBook page.  Thank you for following and reading here and there.  Today I have decided I wish to make a bold move and begin a group.  This group would have the following parameters:

  • Are you a woman over 50?
  • Are you worried about your financial future?
  • Do you find yourself without investments, real estate or any form of collateral that would created a return on investment?
  • Are you single or consider yourself alone in your future planning?
  • Are you aware that basic GIC's, savings accounts or money in a checking account will make you little or no interest?
  • Are you living paycheque to paycheque with some debt?
If any of these questions cause you to stop and think "that could be me" then I want you to listen up.  I have been working with optimal aging now for ten years.  I have been focussing on spiritual awareness along side of the other four areas of optimal health.  The other four are financial, emotional, mental and nutritional.  All of these areas must be cared for in order to age well and feel secure and happy as you approach 65 when OAS and CPP will begin to trickle in.  If you are like me you will not be able to live on these two incomes simply because they are not enough to cover today's cost of living and cover the activities of daily living.  Rent alone will break you every month and the little left will go to cover utilities, transportation and/or the debt you have incurred over the years.

Here is the good news.  I want to form a cooperative here in the southern Ontario area.  This has been done many times and there is a template we can follow.  There are many things we can do as a cooperative.  
  • We can live in community building our future social capital.  
  • We can form an investment group which allows for smaller investments together netting in the purchase power to build an investment portfolio.
  • We can support each other in the years to come while feeling strong and encouraged to be the women we are meant to be. 
This can be done!  All it takes is planning and a professional approach.  Who is with me?  Please feel free to contact me today.  There are many ways to do that.  Through this blog by commenting your support and desire to be included.  Through my FaceBook page Cynthia Breadner FaceBook or through my website LesMar.ca My phone number is also available through my website. 

We are Sisters in Spirit and must face the truth that as the next 25 years unfolds there are going to be many women living in poverty or, worse yet, on the streets.  Do not let this happen to you.  Let's work for change and for a future together. 

Have a look at some projects:

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