Stage of life...

Many think that when one is "hungover" one drank too much alcohol! This is not always so. One can be hung over from many things. Today I am hungover from a four month experience with live theatre. It is not new to me as this production is the twelfth production I have participated in. From lead roles where I opened and closed the production to smaller roles like this most recent one and all leave you with an emotional hangover. The intensity and passion one puts in is intoxicating in itself.. 

While on stage you are playing a role, a new character and you must research this "person" in your heart and decide how you are going to play it. With the help of a director you create a character you present to the audience. They might laugh, cry or be indifferent to your personification of a fictional character. This brings me to ask .... do you do this in your day to day life? Are you on a grand stage where you create and develop a character that you present to the world? Who are you while on the stage of life? Are you affected by whether people laugh, cry or are indifferent to your character? Is it authentic or is it a mask? Very deep and profound thinking about the self will help you present the real and authentic you, who is comfortable with your own I AM and able to let go of whether people laugh, cry or show indifference. What does your stage look like? Who is the audience you let shape your character? Where or who is your personal director?

Is it time for LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! ???? or do you need to go into rehearsal for a while to form that very special character to perform for the rest of your life? I can help!  

What does your stage show look like? Live life to the fullest and find your place where you can be centre stage with confidence.....

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