This morning as I was getting ready for day seven of eight straight days of eight hours I found my bracelet. Recently, I was performing onstage and as I got ready for each show, I would tuck my precious bracelet away as I couldn't wear it, of course, as I must be "in costume" and my bracelet just didn't fit the costume. The final night it seemed to disappear. I was so upset. I figured I would have to buy another one, but I didn't want to, I wanted THAT one because I bought THAT one at a time when I needed THAT which it stood for and the words it used to remind me.

I contacted the woman from whom I bought it and she, being the wise woman she is, said, "maybe your unconscious mind (UM) didn't need it anymore." Hmphffth, that made no sense. I wasn't ready to let it go, how could my UM make this decision without consulting me? ARG!? She is usually right so I succumbed to her thought and let it go. I have had a hell of a couple weeks. Things just seemed out of sorts, my ego was in control, I was emotionally shattered and nothing seemed right. It felt like the tail wagging the dog again .... and then something broke. Not broke in the way of broken, like a cup or glass when it hits the concrete floor, broke like a river overflowing its banks; its dam; its boundaries. Broke as in I had been the victim once again for long enough. I took my own life back and took loving charge once again. I licked my little wounds, those that felt like gaping gashes in my soul, put on the right bandaid and lo' n behold this morning, getting ready for work, there was my bracelet! On the bathroom shelf staring at me, right as rain, obvious as all get out ... and I put it back on my arm.

I had found it once again .... PASSION ... and I choose to Live Life Unbroken ... (Jennifer Febel)

Thanks OneSong (Uni-Verse) ... Thanks mysterious energy that flows in a way that no one can figure out ... Thanks for my own integrity and grit to keep looking even when I lose my PASSION!

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