Standing tall in my own space ... feeling power from within!

Super Woman Stance!  Do you need power in your life?  Taking the time to stand in the SuperWoman stance will fill you with power.  Power from within yourself ... bringing it to the surface!  Where is your power source?

I am finding my own.  Truly, I have been writing and journalling and posting to my various places all in an attempt to find out what it is that I am to be doing.  Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about his conversation with the divine force before he was put in his mother's womb.  He was asked, "what to you want to teach/accomplish in this life?"  Dr. Dyer's spirit said, "resilience".  So the divine forces communicated how his life will teach him resilience so he can know it first hand, and said "then we better put your little ass in an orphanage for the first 10 years so you know how to rely on yourself and learn resilience."  

This is me.  I have spent many years learning my own lessons so I can help others learn theirs. I can't do it for them, however, I can guide and mentor them from my own life's experiences.  How valuable is coming into one's own when I can look back and realize the divine plan to this point.  The uni-verse (one-song) is made up of energy that is moving all the time.  This energy can be used for ill or for good.  For self growth or self stagnation. For enthusiastic learning or for blame.  Stand tall in your super stance and grow into who you are!

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