In a RUT?

Walking a path... staying on track.  Do you find veering off the track is much harder than staying in the rut.  Today I walked a country road, the cool wind in my face and the sun brilliant upon my shoulders.  I was mesmerized by the beauty of the day.  I loved it.  As I came to a "T" ... turn right or left...?  Or go off the road and follow the path into the woods.  Go off the path?  Move away from that which is trod?  YES!  So down the path I went.  There were two distinctive ruts I could follow but chose to stay on the high ground in the middle ... it was hard.  There were times when I lost my balance a little and fell into the rut.  My life story... falling back into ruts when I am determined to take the high road.

When do you choose to make changes in your life only to find yourself falling back into old habits and patterns.  I do this all the time.  But today is a new day and today is a day where I can make a difference.  I can change today .. yesterday is gone and behind me and has no impact on today. Today is what counts for my future, the positive things I do today is the rut of my future.

I was saddened as I moved further along to path to find unscrupulous people had dropped trash in this beautiful location.  I was angry at the people and angry for the disrespect of Mother Earth and our environment.  As I thought about it though, I realized I need to shed my own trash (but not literally) along my path.  Let go of the garbage ... let go of the baggage... put the garbage of my past where it belongs .. .appropriately in the trash bin.

The high road in the middle all of a sudden got wider.

I opened up into a larger median that I could walk upon and the ruts became less predominant.  This is the same with life ... as you persevere in the narrow paths of life and fight the urge to drop into the rut ... the grassy berm will grow wider and the ruts will fade to the fringes.

Today, is the day for change.  Today you can make a difference in your own life.  You need not make any changes in anyone else's life but your own.  It is the only place you have control!  It is the only place you can make a difference in life.  Let go of the garbage, open your heart to move off and out of the ruts you are in, let go and let life come to you as  you welcome spiritual changes.

The sun is there behind the clouds, waiting for you to clear the skies.

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