Pictures in my mind...

The morning after... a full lunar eclipse .. the morning after.  Today on my FB feed there are a plethora of pictures of the moon in its full beauty and glory ... I almost feel imposed upon because I watched it with my naked eye with a lovely glass of white wine, crisp and sweet, in my hand.  I leaned on my car and experienced the marvel.  I watched no distractions, no concerns about the perfect photo, just the presence of a marvel ~ and I watched.  I took pictures with my mind and now whenever I want I can conjure up that moon, on that night, and along with that the peace of just standing, leaning on my car being in the presence of awe.

As a spiritual being living in this physical presence I wonder will I take these memories with me when this body is dead and cremated?  Will this spirit I am move beyond this reality and take with it the wisdom I have gleaned?

I hung, (hanged?) a glass prism pendulum in the west window this morning ... I wait now until the sun will catch it and glorify my kitchen.  Again I will sit and watch and experience when that happens.  I await in anticipation!

I hope you have a wonderful day, taking the time not to take photos but to file away, just for you, special memories that only you can hold.  Blessings and love to you as you optimally age.

May the eyes of wisdom find you as the fall leaves being to meet the ground in a loving embrace...

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