I have a dream...

As I work with people in community and watch the events around the world it saddens me how broad a paintbrush many people use. It is not just one thing either. It is many fields: religion, aging and homophobia. A broad stroke keeps the person safe in their own world never needing to understand "the other". I love the speech by Martin Luther King Jr. where he says "I have a dream..." Well I have a dream.

I dream I will be in a sacred space where there will be Christians bowing down with Muslims, Jews praying with Buddhists, Christians meditating with Bahá'í in they "emphasize the oneness of humanity, the oneness of God and the fundamental oneness of religion". This to me is sacred. This is what the great mystery that holds the planets in line, blossoms the flowers and is wide as the uni-verse (uni - one, verse-song).

I want to love all people and hear the voices of every person. As the voices are heard the questions will be answered, the anger will subside because behind it is fear, and flesh and blood with take the place of the unknown. Get to know your own neighbour ... put a face to what you fear so you can better understand it.

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