The Hundred-Foot Journey ...

"Maybe brakes break for a reason" he says.  She says, "What do you mean?"

This morning I indulged in a PPV movie and lazed while I watched.  What an indulgence to take Saturday morning and watch a movie.  This movie is a delightful combination of culture and the intertwining of relationships and spirit.  The growing of love and care for another while feasting, and I mean literally, on the food we need to be the best we can be.

I have discovered I love to cook and have shared that with many of my friends and family. Most are likely sick of hearing it.  But that being said I have come to realize how we have strayed from the very essence of feeding ourselves.  Feeding our soul in all the ways possible; spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally and our need for food is imperative to wholeness, furthering our connection to the holy. If we are healed and whole we are holy! What does it mean to feed our sacred and spiritual self?

I have come to understand one of the most important rules for my life is to be watchful every minute of every day.  Find the goodness in all life has to offer and reach out to touch it.  Taste it and add our own spices to make it our own.  I am unique in a way that no other creature, plant, animal or person is like me.  I am the creation of the universe which has evolved to this very millisecond as I put fingers to keys.  I am different than I was a minute ago and will change as I type this blog.  The spice I add to my own life is to stretch and reach for the mystery and welcome it into my soul.

I am passionate and hungry to keep peeling back the layers.  Life is such that when the brakes fail maybe there is a reason to be broken down in this place.  In this space. In this time.  Maybe brakes break for a reason because life is saying stop and see what you can build here.  See who you can meet. Take this time to spice up an otherwise boring journey of pavement and concrete.  Smell the spice of life.  It is understood there are four basic or recognized tastes:  sweet, sour, salty and bitter and we taste these with different parts of our tongue.  How about if we tasted life this way?  Opening doors to all kinds of experience and allowing the passion to flow.  Face the bitterness in your life, taste it and then let it go.  Savour the sweet, giggle at the sour and be the salt of the earth.  All possibilities for every soul.

This two hours this morning has enriched my life with a darling movie of which made me cry at the end.  The complex cultural explosion and the mellowing of people gives me hope as this romantic and yet poignant realization leaves me wondering what stones I have left un-turned and where I neglected to spice up my life.

"This is the beast with 1,000 mouths needing to be fed twice a day."  Can you meet that task?  Are you up to the responsibility for your own existence and happiness to change your taste and explore new food for life?  Are you ready to love unexpectedly and accept the previously thought unacceptable?  

"Maybe brakes break for a reason." Make every broken brake count! 

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