Grey areas and overlapping centres...

I have been working with folks lately in a spiritual capacity and really concentrating on spiritual growth and the spiritual journey.  It puzzles me now how a recent conversation has stuck with me.  I was asked about a person who the inquirer and I have in common.   There was a concern for the well-being of the common person.  I stated what I knew to be public knowledge, that the person in common was experiencing some health issues.  The person inquiring wanted to know more.  Was this person suffering from anything emotional?  I couldn't really say so I simply said "they are doing some spiritual work and on a journey."  The one inquiring stated, "this has nothing to do with spiritual stuff I just wondered if they were struggling emotionally."  How in the world could someone be struggling emotionally and have it not be attached to the spirit?

As you can see from this wonderful image I have posted we are human beings who experience four realms of space.  Each realm overlaps somewhat the others.  There is common ground.  In a course I took during the M.Div. we dug into "illness narratives" such as The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and Not Yet.  These true accounts of people's lives show clearly how we are complicated as human beings.  When we are struggling in one of the areas it affects the rest of our life.

Most recently I was working with a class of education assistants and was asked to focus on the "Journey of Spirituality".  This being the conversation we watched the movie The Prince of Tides and discussed the lives and spiritual journey of Tom and his twin sister Savannah.  This conversation clearly opened doors for the class and they have a new respect for the spiritual journey or the journey our spirit takes as we function in human existence.


Every aspect of human life matters and is crucial to optimal aging and a better understanding of our journey.  Take the time to smell the flowers, hear the birds and walk with your spirit.  Talk to yourself and see what is ailing you.  Look in the mirror and tell yourself how much you love you.  Link all the parts of yourself and take some time to grow your awareness of your own spirit.  You will be amazed at what conversations you will have.  In this busy world we neglect ourselves the most.  Putting everyone else ahead of our own needs because we are not to be selfish ... I say, be selfish in this challenge.  Be present with your own heart, body, mind and soul and see into the darkest corners.  



Pierre Teilhard de Chardin has said, "we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience!"  So let your spirit speak out loud and clear and walk into the light and you will be amazed at what is on the other side!


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