Plan your work and work your plan

As I work planning my own future I find more and more it is built on the past.  I have always worked hard to play by the rules and yet push boundaries.  Sometimes those two do not mix very well.  I am sometimes impatient which can also be less than good.  However as I strive to do the work that is close to my heart I realize these are gifts that I can utilize for the good of others.  Pushing boundaries helps people to reach their full potential.  Colouring outside of the lines gives way to creative thinking and impatience often can spark people into changing what needs to be changed just simply to shut me up.

One of my favourite compliments that I receive so often is that I am a "breath of fresh air".  This is evident because I love live and all those who are with me in it.  As I begin this new adventure growing my new business LesMar Respite Elder Care and partner it with the deep passion I have for spiritual care, growth and end-of-life care I know this is what I am called to do.

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