Spring changes

It has been four months since I posted to my blog and much of that absence has been spent in deep pondering and a profound wilderness.  Now it is lent, a time when the Christian church recognizes the space where Jesus lived before the crucifixion and resurrection story unfolds.  A time of deep and profound exploration into the dark places in our soul. This purpose-filled exploration may reveal places where the conscious mind cannot go.  It is hard work.  However, by doing this work one uncovers a vast and wonderful place within our own existence.  As Thomas Moore says in his book, Dark Nights of the Soul on page 46, "Your dark night may be a rite of passage" and take you someplace wonderful.

In Christian language the words "sabbath" and "salvation" are used.  I have reclaimed them into my own life even while deeply discerning my own spiritual journey.  As I find "sabbath" which means rest, I have heard the wee small voice, that which is my deepest desires crying out to be married to the person I am on the outside.  My "salvation" comes when I make space for this wee small voice to come out and visit the world I live in and see how it manifests.  This purposeful rest and making space has created a new awareness of my inner and outer world.

Just this past week I was honoured when a friend said to me, "You look fantastic!"  I thanked her and felt amazed how now I have allowed the inner depths of my soul to shine through it is revealed to others.  I shared with her that I finally feel that if someone was to reach into the piggy bank slot in the top of my head, grab my soul and flip me inside out I would look the same.  This has been the result of purpose-filled intentional discernment into my beliefs and my spiritual journey.  It has been life changing.

As I turn 55 this summer I will do so with a clear consciousness that I am on the right path.  Walking a good journey and beginning yet again knowing the most important things in life are family relationships, loving friends and being truthful to your own spirit.  One of my soul mates posted this picture today to Facebook and it is very true.  What is holding you tethered?  What imaginary bondage are you bowing to? What is keeping you chained?  Free yourself, find your sabbath and your salvation and reclaim the true meaning of these words.

As one chapter is complete and another chapter is beginning I hope you will be part of my spiritual growth and the work I intend to do.  LesMar Respite Elder Care is part of this journey.  It would help me so much if you would "like" my page on Facebook and watch for the launch of my website.

The path continues to be revealed as I walk along .... how about you?

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