In court...

Local display at the Terrace Airport
Well I was asked to court in Kitimat, B.C. and I was greeted warmly by the locals.  It is not maybe what you think.  I was not a witness or charged with anything, I was attending the presbytery meeting which is a court of the church.  It was, once again, an enlightening and delightful experience.

This in mind the United Church of Canada is witnessing unsettled waters and the seas are not only on the west coast but all across the land to the other side.  "Church" as those who have been in it know it is changing.  The world outside of church may not even realize the weather in here is frightful, but that being said it is scary for those who are caught in this storm.

I have personally come to that conclusion (even tho it may sound arrogant) that the church needs people more than the people need the church because I can be a divine child with or without the church but the church cannot exist without congregational work and passion.  So all those in church need to ask the question "why are we church?" and then just do it.  The church is needed and respected in the community even if there is no worship time.  It is the work it is doing that is important.  Presbytery is dry and struggling trying to balance between the larger courts and the congregations.  The insight I have gained is how there is a cynicism and anger toward "Toronto" at some of the local levels.  Presbytery often is a four-letter-word in many congregations.  This must change too.

Local church community is in the driver's seat.  If the local community does not work and pay dues then neither presbytery or conference or gen. council can exist.  These groups will exhaust their resources, shrivel up and die. So what does that mean?  It means the local churches need to do what they can to be viable and strong in the community and then pay it forward into a collective group that will streamline and nurture oversight. Although there is a hate on for governance right now, it is only poor governance that is disliked, governance as a concept is a must. Church of the past has lived thinking presbytery is in charge when it is the product of the very groups they represent.

So, as this clarity sets in once again and as I pick up my little stick with the bulging hanky hanging on the end of it, take a little bread and a little wine, and trek a little further along this journey.  I see where I have a role and a responsibility in all this.

To speak out and simply do what I am called to do ... Love abundantly and love wastefully and let the rest take care of itself.

Augustine said (paraphrased), without God I can't, with out me God won't so, in partnership with this mystery and this divine source I move along my path, watching and listening, choosing to do the work I feel called to do because without me doing it, it (MY work) will not get done.   How about you?

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