Advent One - Hope!

Hope? Today candle one. How do we find hope in what feels like a hopeless world? Last night, a song service of lament for a 26 yr. old... dead. Overdose. Today viewing of the body by family.. how do I as a pastoral person offer hope? I offer it by asking the family to look around. Before the song service the family held birthday celebrations for the bro's of the dead boy and there in the midst was Oliver. Less than a year old sucking on his bottle oblivious to the pain and suffering of this world. The hope is in a baby born with hope of the future. Hope is in rising above all the pain of this human existence and choosing to go on with a happy heart.

Hope is in my grandson's smile.  The hope that he will be loved by those who watch over him.  A baby in a basket.  A baby changes everything.  Causes chaos and yet joy.  Uproots us and changes our priorities.  As you reflect on this Advent season and make your way down to the Christian celebration may the birth of hope bring you a changed world, a renewed chaos and a sense of fire in your belly.  If you are of another faith I wish you best of the holiday season and also hope for you a renewed hope in your spirit and your world.  

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