...finely textured conceptualizations of the psychoanalytic process

Philip M. Bromberg says, "Health is the ability to stand in the spaces between realities without losing any of them. This is what I believe self-acceptance means and what creativity is really all about -- the capacity to feel like one self while being many."

Pretty cool statement and one that I live by. As we live in the neutral zones between what was and what will be we can look ahead and behind without attachment. That is our true selves ... the ability to do that.

I am working on a puzzle and often relate it to my life and to God. I finally got pieces together today that didn't seem to fit before. We are much like a puzzle we keep trying the same piece over and over again hoping something has changed since the last time we tried it. Sometimes it is us not putting it in right and sometimes the piece just does not fit there, but fits beautifully someplace else.

God made the picture, we cut it into pieces and together with God we have to put it back together again to feel whole...

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