It has been a while since I posted to my blog. I like to think it is because I have been busy weathering. Since the last post I have completed the second of two intense semesters at seminary. I am within three courses of graduating. One of the things I have learned about going to seminary is how it challenges one's faith. The London Free Press has been running articles on the weekend questioning the faith of a church's pastor and I read with interest. How is it we study and tease out the history and culture of the biblical times and not lose touch with what it means to be faithful? Where is God in this post-thiest world? Is there a new definition developing for the word "athiest"? Brian McLaren writes about a new Christianity and Marcus Borg invites us to let our faith mature and Bishop Spong reminds us God is far beyond a surface faith that requires deep pondering and a connection to our own spirit. All this being said I feel much like our spring weather. Kind of mixed up and a bit out of synch with the world. But like our spring weather God is in charge and I know if I trust and simply believe all will work out. My passion is people and walking with others through this faith journey. Loving my fellow human being and providing pastoral care when needed. As I preach God's love and breath in the Holy Spirit I witness the passion of Jesus Christ. Whether I think of Jesus pre-Easter and post-Easter Jesus is present with me and is the incarnation of God. Are you challenged by what it means to be faithful? If so talk with others and find out what it means to be honest with yourself and allow God to guide you where you need to go. Thanks for reading, journey with me as I get closer and closer to being ordained to word and sacrament.

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