Needs verses Wants...

This picture was posted a couple of times on the networking site that I frequent and I wanted to share it in light of my mounting frustration with Christmas. This picture says it all and I feel as we watch the occupy movement as it makes the point of rich verses poor, we can maybe think about our own households and what does it mean to be poor? Poor in money, poor in things, poor in spirit? Many people have lots and lots of money and are poor in many other ways. Many people are poor financially but barely notice because they have their eyes focused clearly on the cross and how Jesus can enrich one's life. Lessons Jesus taught and the fight Jesus put up in the first century of the common era are no different than the lessons we can learn today.

Take a look at this picture and remember what it is important in your life. Stop, look and listen to those around you in your own culture and your own context. Make this Christmas the year that you really find the true meaning of Christmas in your household.

Merry Christmas

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