One year later...

A year has passed since I started this blog and have let it slide very badly. So it is time to get back at it and update my progress.

It has been a year since I was in England and enjoyed my time at Cuddesdon. The Biblical Study was amazing even though it was a little marred with my mother's illness, then my son's tragic accident and upon returning home, the death of my mom. My son has been a year healing and it has been an emotional spiritual journey.

I have studied for a year at Knox College and have now put behind me one year of my theological study. I have been told I am more polished and am showing signs of great improvement. I am now a student pastor at a local church enjoying time in the pulpit.

So stay with me and share in a spiritual journey. I will keep up my posting and link to great sites as well as share some great reading material.

God bless ....

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