Is it real?

I am Knox Meaford this morning and as I ponder the scripture and think about the people who wrote these words down so long ago I look to my present condition. My mother died this week and it seems now like she was just a figment of my imagination. I have pictures and I have momentos but I don't have her in body or in presence any longer. She is in spirit only. She gave me life and gave me hope and lived her 90 years with tenacity. She was strong and independent and, sometimes, ornery but always loved me with all her heart. Mothers are the unconditional presence in our lives. They represent what God is to the world and to our overall spirit. Giving life and remaining steadfast with us in life and in death we know our mothers are with us.

As I move forward this week and begin the journey of saying goodbye to the physical earthly presence it is my job through the euology and service to keep the faith and maintain hope that she is in a better place, with my dad and her loved ones who have gone before her. Soaring with the stars and moving about in the spirit world watching over me and others she loved. We are the ones left behind to cope with the painful loss of our mother but in the long haul God is present and eases the pain of this loss if we only trust.

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