Steamy hot summer weather

Good Morning, As I struggle along trying to find a cool spot in our recent heat wave, I find myself surfing the net. My Facebook friends are fun and I love keeping in touch by email. It is in this that I received a request to tell a school chum how I found myself in the ministry and heading for ordination. This request, needless to say, created some pondering.

In that pondering this was part of my explanation to her:

"Spiritual formation is very satisfying and keeps us humbled and true to what is important. I am not saying life is easy and I am certainly a poster child for financial stress and face challenges every day trying to buck our modern individualistic culture. However, it is worth it because nothing and no one can let me down. I am intrinsically happy and although I suffer from loneliness, at times, I am trying to work through that loneliness with prayer and reading and hope that I will meet someone to share my life and will also share my passion for faith."

What do we sacrifice to be faithful? How do we know when we are there? God offers us heartfelt peace in our lives but does that blend with society at large? These are all challenging questions, ones that are newly faced every new day even when we feel we have the answer.


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  1. I touch loosely on that theme in my last blogger post. Between you and Peter, I decided to blogger again, occasionally.