August Abun-dance

Well as I launch into August and think about the past six weeks or so, life has certainly changed me. We are our experiences and through this living we change, mold and grow. Life's experience is a tough teacher and can be ruthless in its challenges. I must remember to be in the moment and remember we are human becomings and not simply human beings or human doers; life guides us to greater heights should we let it.

The doors close behind us sometimes and it is with regret or longing that we want to turn around and run back through before the last crack of light is gone. Traces of the past beckon us and the future is unknown so all we have is now. God is in the now. Real, ephemeral and can be trusted. The greatest part of this knowledge is that once you discover that there is a whole world that opens up to you.

Tonight is a full moon or, if not full, at least very close to full. Mother Earth is basking in the lunar brightness allowing just a hint of shadow. Fears can lay in these shadows or we can wait for the light of day to give us the whole picture. I like that thought; hunkering down to the sounds of the crickets and waiting for the sun to come out once more.

Be well my friends and remember God is with you as long as you are with God.

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