Coming to life ...


Over the past year, 2020, so much has come to life for me.  I am growing my therapy practice and am an author and weekly column writer.  I have opened an online e-learning school and have become a grandmother again.  2020 was so good to me and I am very happy.  I hope you are too.  With that I have not been visiting my blog as often as I write and post in the weekly e-paper so you are welcome to follow my writings through my webpage or register for my weekly newsletter.  Here is the link to the most recent offering! 

Bradford Today Weekly Column

I thank you for following my work and caring about this energetic time on our planet.  Take good care and be well!


"Spiritual care is more than religious work.  Caring for the spirit is deep and passionate care about the self and will enhance mental health and well being overall."  Cynthia Breadner

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