New Adventures

The work I am engaged with for myself continues to lead me down paths of desire and hope where I am able to engage with others.  Yesterday I attended the inaugural council meeting of the faith community I have been engaged with for over five years.  I have been searching and seeking to be one of them.  The last time I engaged in process it did not go so well. 

#breakingstibah is key to my survival.  As I seek to break my own poor habits, choices and engagements with that which does not serve me I will continue to feel abandoned and losing hope.  Yesterday I was given hope.  Hope came in the hugs of welcome from those I had not seen in a very long time.  Hope came in the encouragement that I received to continue the quest.  Hope comes in the form of a blog post landing in my vision today reminding me about the green man and my love of planet.  Hope comes as I refuse to give up on what my soul and spirit are hungry for, to build community and find a place for the weary to rest in a world that continues to explode with technology and pressure to perform.

I have begun painting and writing again and choosing to step back from that which does not serve me.  I continue to run and cycle feeding my physical self with the exercise I need to stay strong and healthy.  I continue to eat right (well, mostly with the exception of my love of frozen yogurt) and nourish my cells and biology.  Most of all I continue to nourish my soul with reading and steeping myself in those who I trust in wisdom.

I collected all my flower photos last night into a virtual file and am going to create a book of them for myself.  I hold dear the quest of the bloom to continue to come back each year after a cold dark winter.  I relish in the beauty and colour of flowers bursting forth into existence and Mother Nature's way of colouring up the landscape.  Spring is here and summer slumber is upon us.  So continues my journey to love, lead and share time with anyone wanting to join me.

As a journey companion I walk in faith with anyone wanting to walk with me.  Come along... take a step and find your heart once again.

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