#whatsinitforme is a motto I adopted in 2018 not to be selfish, to be mindful of my needs in this life...

I began a journey to be mindful of my own need at the beginning of this year and already I am reaping the benefits of this motto.  Not because I have become selfish and arrogant but because I am mindful of what I need to be healthy and happy every day!  

Today, April 4, 2018 I will complete one of my goals this year which is singing at the Barrie music festival.  The last time I sang in the festival was in grade 8, in the 70's, where Rosemary always took first place!  I never placed when I sang and was always feeling like I was in her shadow!  I met Rosemary in the last couple of years and I told her this and we had a laugh because she never knew and certainly did  not win the festival to spite me.  She won because she has a beautiful voice.

This mindfulness is taking me on a journey inside myself.  Today, April 3, I am days alcohol free.  The last time I could say that I was 20 years old!  Alcohol has been a part of my life for so long I did not know what life was like without it.  How to celebrate successes or how to look myself in the mirror. 

This mindfulness has taken me on a journey of self value!  That is the beginning of the best part of this motto!  I love caring for myself and the doors this 90+ days has opened.  

Watch for more thoughts as I work toward the half ironman and my trip to Ireland to return to my ancestral roots in 2019,  two of the bucket list items I am planning for my 60th birthday.  Putting the pieces together.

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