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August 13, 2015  and I am realizing time is clicking along.  I will celebrate another birthday soon and I remember my 48th birthday I had just started university in May of that year.  I was beginning the journey of discernment and academic study in order to become clergy in the Christian church.  Now eight years later I am finally wiser and have learned to let some things go and hover a little higher above my life.  I have been listening to Chropra Radio and the topic one day was clairvoyance.  That is where I am reminded it is not about having psyche insight into the future but simply letting go of micromanagement.
I love that feeling.  Letting go of that which does not serve me.
I am proud of the work I have done in 56 years, but moreso in the past eight.  I have accomplished wonderful things and have learned to love myself “just as I am” and THAT is tremendous work for anyone.  That is why I am proud of myself, because I choose to get life and live in the moment.  Listening to that which is the wisest part of me has become second nature.  Trusting in my own judgement and my own thoughts.
Today I hold a BA Hons., Religious Study, Certificate in Gerontology, Masters of Divinity, Fitness Instructor Specialist, Professional Personal Trainer, CPR, First Aid, Hospice Care training, and optimal aging passion.  I have 56 years of life’s experience and now eight years of academics to support that life’s experience.  I think of myself like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz.  As the Wizard is leaving he awards the three with what they most desired.  He reminded the Scarecrow  that he had a brain all along and that all he lacked was a diploma.  The awarding of the diploma was the key that was missing for the Scarecrow.  I now believe in myself because of the diplomas.  I believe in myself because of all the life that happened while I was achieving working the programs!
The beauty of it all is I better understand challenges in life because I choose to take risks and look deeply at living life.  Whether your challenges are with body weight, food, exercise, spiritual understanding, grief or day to day personal boundaries maybe I can help.  I seek to rebuild spiritual community that is based on a faith in that which is the purest divine power and is a place where personal relationships grow in person and in community.
I live in Bradford Ontario Canada and want to build community through the local library, local coffee shop, on the telephone (maybe by text) and over a meal.  Come join me … there is no exchange of money just passions and love.   It used to be called church but dogma and doctrines and a false belief got in the way.  So let’s start again please, can we start again please, and come build community with me!
I can help, call or message me anytime.  Visit my website LesMar.ca and help me build community one friendship connection at a time.

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