Planting seeds ...

I remember in the fall of 2009 when I went into seminary I was rattled and challenged emotionally.  I had so much happen that summer and was reeling from the events.  As I studied I tried to push it all away and just focus on doing ... not healing or growing, just do, do, do.

Through pastoral study of self I set my heart on being a "gardener" for the seeds of divine mystery. Like the earth the mind only grows and cultivates the seeds that are planted I could see the need for a good gardener.  The challenge I faced was the seeds of doubt, fear, turmoil and anger that were planted in myself.

The seeds lay dormant under the seasonal fall and waited for the perfect time to sprout and grow. This spring was the time.  The spring of 2015 the seeds of my heart began to grow and I welcomed the hard work of tending, digging and transplanting historical stuff and placing it all in a garden that I could manage and tend.

Some of the plants that I grew were not as desirable as others.  In their own right they are beautiful but for my garden I realized I needed to cull them out and let them go.  Compost them so they can become soil again.  I worked hard, down on my knees, digging in my own garden of life.   The amazing thing is I added manure to make the soil better.  Funny how the feces of other species makes the soil of my garden better and more full.

Desired foliage is now appearing and I am happy with my garden.  This has been a hard road but one that I would not trade for anything.  Deepak Chopra says, "my life unfolds in divine order" and when we live with this philosophy it is amazing how our garden grows.  All manure that is tossed into our garden is fodder for tending, any challenging weeds that seem to continue to flourish are nothing more than a reminder to continue picking, and when the blossoming begins it is magnificent and nothing is more satisfying.

I can help, I can share my story to help others.  I can guide and walk with you on your journey and I can provide compassion, empathy and love.

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